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Camille Patton

Starlight Collection: Starburst Earrings

Vitreous Enamel on Fine Silver Earrings

STARBURST earrings... super lightweight and so much fun to wear!

Currently Available in the following colorways:
Radiant Red
a dazzling, dynamic explosion of hot pink, red, orange, and gold combined with the palest of pinks.

Our handcrafted jewelry will vary slightly ensuring your piece will be as unique as you.

Size:    (See dimensioned photo.)

Overall: 1-1/4" length;  11/16” width. 
Design: 3/4" length; 11/16" width.
Earring Design: Vitreous Enamel on Fine Silver.
Vitreous Enamel Jewelry is made utilizing extreme heat to fuse tiny grains of glass to metal. Additional layers of glass and repeated firings create design, depth, and unique beauty in each piece.
Ear-wires:  Argentium Silver.
Argentium Silver is a beautiful silver alloy with superior properties. Argentium is purer than Sterling, is tarnish resistant, is whiter & brighter, is hypoallergenic, and friendlier to the environment.

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