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Camille Patton

Opalescent Flower Ring Box

Opalescent Flower Ring Box - Vitreous Enamel on Copper Inlaid Wooden Box

Opalescent silver swirls above shimmering hues of red-rose, red-purple, red-orange, and just a dab of yellow to create a spectacular flower abstraction!  For centuries vitreous enameled objects have been highly prized as interior accessories, and the Opalescent Flower Ring Box is no exception.  This versatile and durable work of art can fit in anywhere and will bring a touch of beauty and unexpected functionality wherever you place it.

This Ring Box is worthy to hold and protect your finest, most precious ring for years and years to come - and the Opalescent Flower Ring Box will look stunning while doing it!  Purchase a ring box for yourself (you will be glad you did) or give one to another person whom you admire (they will be glad you did).  But there is another, more dramatic possibility.  Imagine presenting this handsome work of art to your special person with a lovely ring hiding inside.  Of course, they will admire the box and think that this exquisite box is their gift.  They will be quite pleased.  But then, they will open the box, and when they do open it - your glorious surprise is inside waiting for them along with a joyful feeling that is rarely duplicated!

The beautiful vitreous enamel is set flush into the lid of this lovely Rosewood Lacquer box.  The lid is hinged, and the inside is lined with black velvet to protect your ring. We also include information about your special piece and the artist, and apply felt pads on the bottom- so you are ready to enjoy your new piece the minute it arrives!

Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square x 2" (h)

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