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Camille Patton

Grand Tour

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Vitreous Enamel on Copper Inlaid Wooden Box

Gorgeous celadon greens descend over bold black blocks, and the piece is finished in glittering gold with dark red flecks!  For centuries vitreous enameled objects have been highly prized as interior accessories, and the Grand Tour Box is no exception.  This versatile and durable work of art can fit in anywhere and will bring a touch of beauty and unexpected functionality wherever you place it.

Imagine how perfect the Grand Tour Box will look in your home -- perhaps, on your vanity top to hold and protect a few pieces of your favorite jewelry.  Additional uses could be: to keep small items within reach around the house, to store small desk items for your office, or to be a special place to hide your treasures!

The beautiful vitreous enamel is set flush into the lid of this lovely Walnut box. The box lid just lifts off, which makes it so quick and easy to open – you can do it with one hand.  We also include information about your special piece and the artist, and apply felt pads on the bottom- so you are ready to enjoy your new piece the minute it arrives!

Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" square x 1-5/8" high

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