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Camille Patton

Head Over Heels Collection: Blue Beauty Set

Vitreous Enamel on Copper Pendant & Earrings

BLUE BEAUTY spans the gamut of blue hues – all trying to outshine the others to create a stunning and vibrant look.

Alluring depth is achieved by the artistry of the high gloss, vitreous enamel colors that seem to float and mingle simultaneously in unrestricted designs.

Pendant and earrings have a lovely, hand hammered, sculptural shape.

A bold fashion statement to complete that perfect outfit!

Our handcrafted jewelry will vary slightly ensuring your piece will be as unique as you.

Size:    (See dimensioned photo.)
Pendant:  2-13/16" length;  1-5/8” width.
  Earrings:  1-13/16" length;  1-0” width.
Pendant & Earrings: Vitreous Enamel on Copper.
Vitreous Enamel Jewelry is made utilizing extreme heat to fuse tiny grains of glass to metal. Additional layers of glass and repeated firings create design, depth, and unique beauty in each piece.
  Pendant Bail & Ear-wires:  Argentium Silver. 
Argentium Silver is a beautiful silver alloy with superior properties.  Argentium is purer than Sterling, is tarnish resistant, is whiter & brighter, is hypoallergenic, and friendlier to the environment.
20” Adjustable Snake Chain.
Made from Sterling Silver, which is plated with Fine Silver for tarnish resistance, and features a movable silicon-lined bead that allows you to adjust to any length up to 20” (maximum).

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