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Camille Patton

Champlevé Collection: Island Dream Pendant

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Vitreous Enamel and Sterling Silver Pendant

ISLAND DREAM presents a beautiful abstract design of vitreous enamel where gradated emerald green meets a lagoon of sapphire blue – all encapsulated by the brilliant silver setting.

Expertly contoured and finished, this sculptured piece feels as silky smooth to the touch as its glossy surface looks to the eye.

Executed in Champlevé, an enameling technique where the boundaries of the vitreous enamel are defined by the flowing form of the surrounding silver.

Our handcrafted jewelry will vary slightly ensuring your piece will be as unique as you.

Size:    (See dimensioned photo.)
Pendant:  1-3/8" length;  13/16” width.
Pendant: Vitreous Enamel and Sterling Silver.
Vitreous Enamel Jewelry is made utilizing extreme heat to fuse tiny grains of glass to metal. Additional layers of glass and repeated firings create design, depth, and unique beauty in each piece.
20” Adjustable Snake Chain.
Made from Sterling Silver, which is plated with Fine Silver for tarnish resistance, and features a movable silicon-lined bead that allows you to adjust to any length up to 20” (maximum).

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